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Gratitude and Learning: What’s the connection?

This article is a version of one I wrote earlier this year for my school. It presents some of my ideas about ‘gratitude’ and its relation to learning and student wellbeing. If you would rather see a video form of this article, then see below.

Video presentation of this article

Research into the effects of gratitude has found personal and social benefits occur when people deliberately practise ‘gratitude’. You can find a list of the benefits researchers have observed here.

These findings are fascinating and seem promising as ways to support student wellbeing. However, I want to know if gratitude can offer long-term benefits to students’ learning and overall growth. How does gratitude affect our students’ academic and spiritual growth?

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Is gamification the answer? Maybe, maybe not.

A recent blog post was shared to me by a colleague. The short article stated that students are learning incorrectly and that gamification would improve student learning if used throughout education. See here for the online article from called ‘The way that students learn today is wrong‘.

The article makes the case that the stages that gamers follow in solving problems is akin to the scientific approach. This may be so, however, my initial response is to say that Read More