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Day 4 – Rest Day

Tuesday is the rest day. And I needed it!

We spend the whole day in Warwick at the showgrounds and in the city itself.

BQ Tour 2015 8th Sept-1

Above you can see the tents and in the distance a large bank of solar panels, there were several of these.

After taking the shuttle bus from the Warick showgrounds which is where they run the rodeo, we did some laundry at the city centre, caught the bus back to the camp and then walked back in to the city.

BQ Tour 2015 8th Sept-2

Here is another shot of the showgrounds, the tent city in the distance and the cattle pens. This was as we walked back into the Warwick City centre to spend a couple of hours and have some lunch.

BQ Tour 2015 8th Sept-4 BQ Tour 2015 8th Sept-5

We passed the Cathedral, above and … also passed a catholic church and school – St Mary’s – which has the most crosses I have ever seen on one building.

BQ Tour 2015 8th Sept-3
We got back to camp in the afternoon and relaxed until the evening meal. The night was very cold but, despite the low temperature once the sun set, the entertainment for the evening still managed to operate his fingers to make a decent sound.

BQ Tour 2015 8th Sept-6

We went to our tent by about 7.30pm and, with the help of ear plugs to keep out the sound of partying and tent zips, we slept. It was cool during the night and the next morning was very cool! Frost on the tents and on the bikes.

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