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A New Term for Authentic Forms of STEM/PBL Pedagogy

Incline Plane of STEM IntegrationDuring June I attended a STEM conference in Sydney. One of the presenters used this graphic (small picture at top left) to describe the range of ways that discipline-based sets knowledge and skills can be integrated.

It’s a good graphic and summarises the approaches that are taken. However, I think there may be a different approach which goes beyond the integration types shown. I also believe that you can exchange the word ‘STEM’ for Problem-Based Learning or Inquiry-Based Learning.

The new approach is what I will call Neodisciplinary (or Extradisciplinary if you are less of a rebel).

Neodisciplinary – definition: Where authentic, real world problems are addressed by using appropriate skills in combinations that, in a real-world sense, disregard the traditional silos of disciplines (effectively creating new categories of skills and knowledge networks).

Neodisciplinary model

I think it will catch on.  If it does, remember where you saw it first!


One Response to A New Term for Authentic Forms of STEM/PBL Pedagogy

  1. Elke says:

    Hi. Good post.

    I think problem based and inquiry based thinking & learning is extremely important, and I agree that you could argue to replace STEM with this. The focus on STEM is a focus derived from business/Govt hype. They’re all important subjects but it’s how we access our knowledge & skills of these subjects to solve problems is important.


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