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Jim Moore

Jim was a person I met at the Helensvale Goodlife Gym.

Jim, trainer at Helensvale Gym

Jim, trainer at Helensvale Gym

He was the personal trainer who was tasked with showing me the equipment when I joined the gym. Later, Jane (my wife) suggested I try a personal trainer to get me motivated toward my fitness. I had been impressed by Jim’s introductory session at the Helensvale Goodlife club and, consequently, asked him to be my personal trainer for a few months. This was during the same year that my wife and her mum were off visiting relatives in the UK.

He pushed me hard and liked to try to teach me to ‘shake hands with Mr Pain’. This was his way of training you to go harder than you thought you could.

I really liked Jim and found him to be an engaging and very likable bloke. He had been into fitness all his life and was a winner of bodybuilding competitions in past decades. Though we weren’t close friends, he always had a great smile and stopped to chat.

In 2012, while being checked for a stomach problem, Jim was found to have cancer in his lung. After a few months of chemotherapy, Jim very unfortunately became sick with an overwhelming infection and, despite what I am sure was monumental effort on his part, died while in intensive care, on 13th June 2013.

Jim’s passing was obviously felt strongly by those who loved him. In particular, Gail, his partner, and her children. A large and very shocked crowd attended his funeral with his mum, relatives and several of his long-time mates flying in from around the country. None of those attending could accept that this strong and animated person was now gone.

For my part, Jim’s passing has been one of those experiences that has caused me to re-evalute my life. He was immensely likeable, very strong, fit and healthy, yet he is gone. He was also about the same age as me.

RIP Jim, you were a top bloke and helped those around you be better people.

Jim at home Jim with shades

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