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Day 3 – 100km, nearly

It’s 98km from Allora to Warwick across beautiful and diverse countryside. The tour organisers planned the longest day ride for day 3. This makes sense as the rest day is tomorrow on Day 4.

BQ Tour 2015 7th Sept-1

Early morning at the Allora Showgrounds.

BQ Tour 2015 7th Sept-2

A lot of the day was across the flat. This was easy on the legs but hard on the butt!

BQ Tour 2015 7th Sept-3

Long sweeping curves, sometimes following rail lines, sometimes just disappearing into the distance.

BQ Tour 2015 7th Sept-4

The tour included a few tandems.

BQ Tour 2015 7th Sept-5

A couple of families included bikes with either childrens’ tandem attachments (pedals but not attached to the road wheels) or small carriages. The most humbling experience is having a parent, dragging the extra weight of a child carriage, overtake you uphill – especially if you have got off the bike to walk up the slope!!

BQ Tour 2015 7th Sept-6

Except where irrigated, the majority of the countryside was very dry and brown.

BQ Tour 2015 7th Sept-7

Here the windmills pump water while the solar cells (right) provide power, again for a water pump.

BQ Tour 2015 7th Sept-9

Jane with a recumbent bike in the background. There were two recumbent bikes that I saw, plus a tandem with a recumbent front seat with a normal second.

BQ Tour 2015 7th Sept-10

Morning break with ample supplies offered by one of the community groups from the area.

BQ Tour 2015 7th Sept-11

Jane after the morning break.

BQ Tour 2015 7th Sept-12

And on the road again.

BQ Tour 2015 7th Sept-13

This is the group called the ‘Good-time Girls’ even though one is actually a ‘boy’. Lunch-breaks saw this group welcoming the riders in for their roadside rest.

BQ Tour 2015 7th Sept-14

The wind was cool during this lunch break, we even thought that we may get rain in the afternoon. Luckily not.

BQ Tour 2015 7th Sept-15

One of the rare rises during the day’s ride.

BQ Tour 2015 7th Sept-16

Despite the overall flatness of the day, the mountains are ever present in the distance, no matter what direction you look.

BQ Tour 2015 7th Sept-17

The sun was shining in patches in the distance near the mountains despite the afternoon’s cloud.

BQ Tour 2015 7th Sept-18

This hill was such a surprise that at least two cyclists immediately evaporated!!

Despite the distance this was a very satisfying, though butt-aching, day. I now know I can cycle 98km – wow!


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