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Geoff Masters’ ACER article on challenging our most able students


Having read this article by Geoff Masters, I attempted to leave a comment but despite using a range of browsers the comment function didn’t work. So here is my comment, please read the article first ..

This is a thought provoking article. My initial reaction is that I believe teachers, especially our highly motivated, passionate and professionally aware teachers, are very often in close agreement with Masters’ preferred approach and attempt to do what they can within schools which are structured according to the first model Masters describes.

Similarly, I believe that school leadership are often in very close agreement with Masters’ preferred approach and attempt to promote good pedagogy within their organisation but are working within a mandated and supposed curriculum, political, policy and often financial framework which keeps on reinforcing the first model described.

A major problem is that politicians, based on their interpretation of the evidence presented to them by their advisors and guided by their own political values, the electoral cycle and personal life experience, are the decision makers at the very top of the system. I have no doubt that these members of our democratic system are passionate and doing their best. My point is that while our approach to education is created through the current mechanisms of politics, the genuine efforts of teachers, schools, states and systems to use well-researched and effectively designed ways to benefit students, and therefore the Australian society into the future, will be frustrated.

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